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Go dragon hunting in the Highlands! 

Are you looking for something to do with the children when you are visiting the Highlands? Why not take your children on their own dragon hunt!  Recreate Winston the Bear's adventure and investigate his theory that the fiery creature may still be roaming around the Highlands.

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Can you find any evidence that the dragon is out there? Hunt for clues just like Winston the Bear did in his book

What will you and your children find?  A footprint perhaps? Fossilized dragon scales? Gorse burnt by his fiery breath? Maybe even some dragon poop!




Share your dragon hunting investigations with other Winston the Bear fans on Facebook and Instagram using #dragonhuntinginthehighlands. 

Winston would also love you to tag him using @winstonthehighlandbear

Once you have been on your dragon hunt don't forget to download your dragon hunting certificate!

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Where to look for the dragon! 

If you visit Dornoch, where Winston's book is set, follow in Winson's pawsteps and visit local landmarks on your search for the dragon. 

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Click on the image to enlarge the map of Dornoch 


Dornoch's beautiful cathedral is well worth a visit for its stunning architecture and interesting history.


There are many potential hiding places for a dragon, and you are sure to spot one if you look carefully enough! Can you also find a church mouse, a spider and a flock of wooden birds? 

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dragon hunting  25.jpg
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Could the Dragon be playing in the beach play park or swimming in a rock pool? Why not go for a walk on the beautiful beach with its miles of golden sand to see what you can find? 

If you head north on the shore from the car park, you will find the pole featured in Winston's book sticking out of the sand. Be sure to go at low tide or take your wellies! 

The woods, called the Black Fir Woods in Winston’s book, have a fantastic kids play area, lovely walking trails, plus lots of places that a dragon may be hiding! 

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Binoculars on tree copy_edited.png
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If you play golf, you can book a round on the world-class Royal Dornoch Championship Course or the family-friendly Struie Course. If you are just starting out, try the short 3 hole Academy Course. 

Watch out for the dragon. You never know what might be around the next bunker! 

Golf flag.png
Drago head copy.png

Historylinks Museum - Visit the museum to learn about the folktale on which Winston’s story is based. Can you spot a dragon in their displays?

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Winston website  stone of the beast1.jpg

The ‘real’ story of the Dragon of the Black Firs suggests that the dragon is buried under the ‘Stone of the Beast’, in the farmland near Loch an Treel on the outskirts of Camore Woods. Can you find the stone? Do you think that this is the dragon’s final resting place?



Dornoch isn’t the only place to search for the dragon. He could be hiding anywhere in the Highlands! 

Whether you are climbing a Munro, picnicking on the beach, fishing by a river or walking in the woods, keep an eye out for clues to the dragon’s whereabouts. Don't forget to let Winston know what you find!



Around the Highlands 

Dragon footprints faded even morepng.png
Dragon footprints faded even morepng.png
Dragon footprints faded even morepng.png
Dragon footprints faded even morepng.png

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