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Recreate the photographs in Winston's book!  

Winston fan Heather and her Granny Sue, spent time recreating all the photos from Winston's book when Heather visited Dornoch last summer. Well done Heather, Granny and Teddy! 

Put together your own dragon hunting kit

dragon hunting  1-7.jpg

'Some binoculars, a notepad and a handy piece of string. A pencil and a camera, some dragon bait in a tin'. These are the things that Winston the Bear took in his dragon hunting kit. What do you think you will need for dragon hunting? Don't forget to pack a tasty snack!

dragon hunting  2-2.jpg

Dress up as Winston the Bear or a dragon!  

Eden dragon hunting 2 copy.jpg

Winston the Bear is a very smart teddy with his waistcoat, hat and bow tie.


Eden, a Winson super fan, asked her mummy to make her an outfit just like Winson for her dragon hunting adventures. What will you wear dragon hunting?  

eden dragon hunting  copy.jpg

Make your own dragon trap

dragon trap .jpg

Winston the Bear used some jelly beans to try and lure the dragon out. What tasty treat will you use? 

Draw or make your own dragon! 

In Winston’s book there is a dragon who is big and bold and strong.

His wings are as big as sails and his teeth are sharp and long. 

The dragon was drawn by Jude, who is really good at art.

He is perfect for Winston’s book and certainly looks the part.


What does your dragon look like? Is he black and white with spots?

Or all pink and fluffy, adorned with orange dots? 

Are his legs as thick as tree trunks? Is his body dark and hairy? 

Are his talons painted powder pink so he doesn’t look so scary? 

Does he wear a frilly tutu, or a hat or a bow tie? 

Are his eyes mean and moody to scare the passers-by? 

Does he hang feathers around his neck and have multicoloured wings? 

Is he painted with gold and glitter and other sparkly things? 

Can you draw your dragon? Or make one from card and string?

Get inventive with paint or Play Dough? You can choose to use anything! 


Take your teddy dragon hunting! 

dragon hunting  1-8.jpg

Take your own teddy bear or toy dragon on the dragon hunt with you. They could be a great help!

dragon hunting  39.jpg
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